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Hemp Oil Products Now Available

Organic Broad Spectrum

We Specialize In Veterinarian Compounding

-Customize dosages and strengths

-Add flavoring to medication

-Create alternate dosage forms

-Compound discontinued medication

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We Stock A Wide Variety Of

Walking Aids And Wheelchairs

To Rent Or To Purchase

No matter what your needs,
whether your condition is
temporary or ongoing, we can help.

Welcome to Segreti Pharmacy! We are an independent pharmacy that has been serving the Oak Park community since 1963 specializing in veterinary compounding, traditional pharmacy services and home health care products.

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Full Service Pharmacy

We can fill you prescriptions, check for interactions, and counsel you on their use. We can bill your insurance and have competitive pricing for cash-paying patients.

Veterinary Compounding

Our compounds are used to treat conditions involving pain management, behavior, dermatology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, and more.

Durable Medical Goods

We stock a wide variety of wheelchairs, walkers and other medical products for you to rent or buy.

Breast Pump Rental

We rent out and bill medicaid for maternity pumps and orthopedics.

Vitamin & Herbal Line

We carry a number of vitamins and herbal supplements to fulfull your health needs. We can check for any interactions with your current prescription regimine.

Free Glucose Monitors

We provide blood glucose monitors to new patients requiring one and upon request from existing patients.

Please contact us with questions.

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